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About Al Messila Spa

A Remarkable Wellness Destination in Qatar

Built on a real oasis, Al Messila Spa has been born from nature and cultivated with love.

Al Messila means "where water flows" in Arabic, and this name pays tribute to history of the property.

Al Messila Spa takes inspiration from the heritage of the resort and evolves around the healing and relaxing power of water. It is thanks to the goodness of water and a safe environment that pearls grow and nourish, becoming the beautiful natural treasures that the entire world appreciates and praises.
Spanning over 14,000 sqm and two-story building of dedicated spaces, Al Messila Spa is the biggest in the region.

Al Messila Spa develops in two separated areas:
Al Messila Health Center, the favorite hub for fitness enthusiasts
Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat, bestowing wellbeing services and experiences exclusively for ladies

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