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The Worlds Al Messila Spa

4 Spas with Unique Facilities in Qatar

Part of the Ladies Wellness Retreat, a dedicated area hosts The Worlds, 4 wellness spaces delivering specific services through facilities and techniques inspired by the elements. Each entity of The Worlds has a distinctive theme:
  • Oriental
  • Mineral
  • Mystic
  • Floral
Oriental World
oriental world spa

Purification & Exfoliation

Following ancient traditions, the Oriental World offers the traditional Oriental Hammam, performed with local products in the most luxurious setting.

The Oriental World also features an hydrothermal pool with different water jets and chromo therapy.

Mineral World
mineral world Al Messila Spa

Breathe & Inhale

Featuring a pink Himalayan salt room, an oxygen cabin and a flotation tank, all the facilities of the Mineral World are infused with the benefits of key minerals.

The Mineral World also featured 3 outdoor mineral plunge pools providing relaxation, stress relief and increased mindfulness.